Oculus Rift already offers a pretty mind-blowing experience, but the virtual reality headset could be enjoying a major upgrade soon. The Facebook-owned firm recently poached one of Google’s top display executives, Re/code reports.

Dr. Mary Lou Jepsen previously served as head of the “Display Division” at Google X, though it’s unclear exactly what she was working on at the company’s secretive moonshot lab. Facebook confirmed the news to Re/code without going into much detail. However, Jepsen hasn’t updated her own online resume or LinkedIn profile to reflect the new position.

Before joining Google in 2012, Dr. Jepsen co-founded One Laptop per Child. Her organization helped drive down the price of laptops from $2000 to just $100, bringing the technology to students in some of the poorest areas on earth.

It’s possible she could have a similar focus at Oculus, pushing down VR headsets price ahead of an official consumer release. Jepsen could also help bring the technology to schools around the world. That’s something Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg expressed interest in when he first acquired the company last year.

We’re still waiting for the Oculus Rift to actually hit the market, and it’s certainly possible Jepsen could help speed up that process. Then again, without knowing what exactly she was working on at Google X it’s tough to say exactly what her focus will be moving forward.