The Oculus Go just went up for sale in more than twenty countries. Facebook announced during F8, its annual conference, that the portable virtual reality headset is ready for its release. In fact, there’s no pre-order stage. When you purchase the Go, it’ll ship immediately.

Announced last year, the Go is a significant step forward for Oculus. The virtual reality-focused subsidiary has always developed products that require a connection to a computer. The Go, however, is wire-free to take immersive environments anywhere.

Facebook is expected to make a bigger play in hardware this year, and pushing a more affordable product like the Go is a sign of that. The company wants to be involved in experiences that take place between people.

While another virtual reality headset doesn’t necessarily accomplish person-to-person interaction, Facebook will continue investing in new products and services that give it an identity beyond being a social network based on apps. There have been reports that Facebook is developing a home-based digital assistant with a display.

Out of the gate, there are over 1,000 apps and games accessible. Oculus worked with developers to ensure there’s plenty of content for Go owners to enjoy early on.

The Go is inexpensive considering the technology inside. It starts at $199, but you can spend an additional $50 to upgrade the storage from 32GB to 64GB. Not bad considering everything you need from the display to the processor is built-in.

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