Oculus launched Story Studio to create first-class virtual reality content for its VR headset. Now the company’s efforts have been vindicated with an Emmy for Outstanding Original Interactive Program, marking the first time a VR original narrative movie will take home the award.

The award is for Henry, an animated short that follows an adorable porcupine on his quest to make friends despite his spiky exterior. The video blends traditional animation with a semi-interactive experience. You can explore the virtual space, and Henry can even look right at you.

Henry is the second effort from Oculus Story Studio. The company also took the opportunity to promote its upcoming third VR film, Dear Angelica, which features a unique illustrative style. Oculus actually developed a new production tool called Quill that lets designers paint VR scenes using the Oculus Touch controllers just for the new project.

Beyond Oculus’ own efforts, the award should encourage other artists to create their own VR movies and experiences.

“While Henry is just one step in the long journey ahead,” said Henry‘s director, Ramiro Lopez Dau. ‘We hope this moment inspires storytellers to bring their ideas to this new medium and help shape the future of VR storytelling.”