Virtual reality is a really hard thing to sell to consumers with articles, trailers, print ads and press conferences. Point blank, it’s nigh impossible to give would-be-buyers a good impression of how VR works without them actually trying on a VR headset. It’s practically impossible to sell hype without a physical demonstration.

The folks at Oculus will roll out retail demo stations at launch in order to combat this issue. That means you’ll be able to cruise down to your local Best Buy, for instance, in order to try on the Virtual Reality goggles for yourself before ponying up for the peripheral and, quite possibly, a rig capable of playing games with it.

Road to VR interviewed Oculus founder Palmer Luckey during E3 about this.

“Yes, we will be in retail. And we will have demos in retail so that people are able to try [the Oculus Rift]…

…Because one way to show people VR is to show them at a trade show or a gaming show, another way is for them to try their friend’s unit, and the other way is for them to be able to try it out someplace else, and we want to make sure that they have that ‘someplace else.'”

Luckey did not indicate where the stations will be located, just that they will happen. I’m already considering what they’ll need in the way of disinfectant in order to get this done without all the greasiness of strangers’ foreheads. Am I weird?

Oculus Rift doesn’t have a precise release date or price yet. It is expected during Q1 of 2016.