Warning: This guy a is a Twitch user playing live, so it's safe to assume some naughty language is dropped at some point.

I don't know how you gamers do it, but some of you seriously have talents that could be put to much better use than simply playing video games. Take this Runnerguy2489 for example. Here is a guy who managed to beat the entirety of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time with a sack over his head!

Fittingly, he chooses a green sack…. because what other color would you use when playing The Legend of Zelda?

Overall, the game took him 103 hours to completely conquer blind, much longer than it takes to normally beat the game. However, when you take into account that he must know running distances between areas, the positions of guards in the Gerudo Fortress, glitches, items' position in the menu, the layout of every dungeon, and all of the boss' attack patterns based solely on sound, I think it would take me much longer. Like, the rest of my natural life and then some.

I mean, can we even imagine the hell that the Water Temple must be? No thank you!

It reminds me of PangaeaPanga's impressive run beating Super Mario World with a blindfold on. I can't even imagine knowing a game inside and out so thoroughly.