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The tech industry may be booming in the U.S., but most Americans still aren’t equipped to take advantage of the situation. That’s the problem President Barack Obama hopes to solve with TechHire, a new program focused on training U.S. citizens for high-tech positions and finding jobs for them.

The first step in Obama’s plan focuses on connecting technology companies with potential employees they might have overlooked. To start, TechHire will work to fill 120,000 open positions. Additionally, the federal government will offer a fund of $100 million to train workers, including those who don’t speak English fluently and the disabled.

Finally, TechHire is working with companies like Microsoft, LinkedIn and Cisco to launch new coding bootcamps across the country. The programs should help train Americans to take advantage tech industry jobs, and the White House notes that there are more positions open today than at any time since 2001. In total, the information technology sector has over half a million slots to fill ranging from cybersecurity to UI design to data analytics.

Obama notes that you don’t need a University degree to learn these skills. You can learn how to code at a community college, partaking in an online course or through one of the coding bootcamps set to launch through TechHire. For more information, hit the source link below.