Number Munchers

During a recent Google+ Hangout, President Barack Obama took time to address gaming as it could potentially relate to education.

President Obama cited none other than Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame to start his rhetoric:

"You look at someone like Mark Zuckerberg…and he taught himself programming, primarily because he was interested in games."

Okay, so why should game development be taught to high school aged kids? Here's President Obama once more:

"…it requires you to know math, and it requires you to know science, or 'here's what a career in graphic design looks like…'

…What it does is not only to prepare young people who may choose to not go to a four-year college to be job-ready…but it also engages kids – they feel like 'I get this, this is not just me sitting there slouching in the back of the room while somebody's lecturing.'"

The whole idea is that kids will be interested in creating games if the programs are made available at an early age. That interest will push them to understand that math, science and art are pillars of game design, and that will set them on a better path towards learning.

It's a compelling argument; but, I especially like it because I would have loved to take a game design course in high school.

What do you think?