The New York Times on Monday announced that its NYT Now iPhone application, which used to cost folks $8 per month, is now completely free, even for nonsubscribers. That means you can use the app to continue to receive your morning briefing, but also continue reading unlimited articles that appear in the app.

The update ushers in other new features, including the ability to receive an alert when your morning briefing is ready, a new screenshot sharing function, a new card-based interface and full 1Password support. Also, the app will now populate the newest items at the top of the feed, so you don’t have to dig to find breaking news.

The New York Times will insert brand sponsorships into the app instead of charging the monthly fee, which it found wasn’t helping the company increase its user base. “[We] had not seen the number of subscriptions we were hoping for,” a spokesman told TechCrunch. “We’ve learned that we need to spend sufficient time building the audience for a new product before full monetization.”

You can download NYT Now version 2.0 in the source link below.