Parking a car in New York City isn't exactly an easy task, but if you happen to find a parking space NYC is making it a little easier for you to pay for it. The city is reportedly planning on testing a new "pay by phone" parking system that would allow you to pay for your coveted space on your mobile phone.

The service is already used in Washington D.C. and Atlanta, and requires customers to sign up via a website. Once registered, customers can park their ride, enter the space number for where they've parked, and pay for the space via telephone. When your purchased time starts to run out the application will alert you, so you have the opportunity to virtually feed the meter without having to return to your car.

The pilot program will start with 300 spots, with the service gradually rolling out to more spaces in the city if successful.

I personally love the idea of being able to pay for my parking space on the mobile phone. I don't live anywhere near as crowded as NYC, but it seems like when I do use parking meters it is always around the same time it starts to rain, or I get tied up where I am and haven't put enough money in the meter to cover my entire stay. Being able to stay where I am and pay on my phone would be amazing.

What do you think? Can you see yourself using your mobile phone to pay for parking?

[via New York Post]