The New York City Taxi Commission approved a one-year trial of taxi-hailing applications in December, but a judge recently ruled against the effort and suspended the use of the applications for 10 days. Why? Because, in New York, you're apparently supposed to hail a cab when needed and not reserve them. The livery cabs believe that, instead, travelers who need to reserve a car should go through livery services or through other options, such as GroundLink.

"It's not an 'e-hail.' It's an 'e-prearranged pickup,'" Randy M. Mastro, one of the lawyers who is representing the livery services in New York City who are against the taxi cab applications, told The New York Times.

We're not sure what the outcome will be, but apparently New Yorker's aren't to be using taxi-hailing applications until a final decision is made.