EVGA Tegra Note 7-Stylus

NVIDIA's affordable Tegra Note 7 platform, announced late last year, is gaining LTE support. The company on Friday announced its Tegra 4-equipped tablet will sport NVIDIA's i500 LTE modem, allowing it to connect to networks around the world; wider availability has also been announced, with the Note 7 expected to arrive in Germany, France, Brazil and the Ukraine over the next few months.

The Note 7 kind of takes a dual approach to user interests, combining a speedy experience with one fine-tuned for a stylus. Something for both work and play, instead of one or the other. The addition of LTE just means that power users will be able to take the Note 7 wherever they go and never lose a connection. Maybe you need to send off some quick notes you jotted down with the stylus. NVIDIA's i500 processor is capable of delivering new capabilities via software, negating the requirements of an entirely new chipset.

In addition to added LTE, the Note 7 comes equipped with a 7-inch IPS display, Tegra 4 chip, 16GB of onboard storage (microSD expandable), front-facing stereo speakers, a stylus, Miracast, Bluetooth 4.0 and promised battery of up to 10 hours while watching HD video. The device has also been updated to Android 4.4 KitKat, all at a starting price of $199. The newest model with LTE will start at $299 and arrive in the second quarter of this year. Regions where the Note 7 will be available includes Western Europe, Brazil and Ukraine among others.