It’s been over half a year since we first laid eyes on NVIDIA’s Shield, and finally the all-in-one controller-console combo is here. We’ve waited patiently to give the hardware a spin, especially since it promises so much in such a little, unique package. And the fact that it can stream from a PC is a nice little bonus. Now that it’s here, though, are we still exciting to give it a go? Is there even a market for devices like this?

At $299, NVIDIA’s Shield is a hard sell, especially in a world dominated by smartphones and tablets. Built like an Xbox controller, Shield comes with a beautiful 5-inch touch screen display, 2GB of RAM and Android 4.2 under the hood. There’s also a microphone so you can use apps to call out, built-in GPS and speaker on each side of the controller. It’s not the most attractive piece of hardware, but it’s nice to hold and so far easy to use.

This is just our unboxing. We haven’t had a chance to really give the Shield a proper go, so we’re reserving judgement for now. We’ll definitely put it to the test over the next few days, and see just how good its PC streaming capabilities are, so stay tuned for more Shield content.