NVIDIA on Monday began rolling out Android 6.0 for its revamped SHIELD Tablet K1, which we took a look at late last month. The update is an amalgam of small touches, and mostly allows Google’s Marshmallow update to stand on its own.

A few of the most notable additions include tweaks to NVIDIA’s camera app, and the addition of “adoptable storage,” which allows microSD cards to be integrated with the K1’s main internal storage For the most part, NVIDIA leaves Android untouched, which is how the company was able to push an update out so quickly; the K1 is among the first wave of Android devices to receive the Marshmallow update.

You can peep the full list of tweaks and changes below. And if you’re unfamiliar with NVIDIA’s K1 tablet, you can read our review right here. For just $199, the device is a pretty compelling offer, especially with all of the nice gaming perks NVIDIA throws in.

NVIDIA says the update only applies to the newest SHIELD Tablet K1, though the company is working on bringing Marshmallow to its older slate as well.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow Upgrades

  • Doze Mode – Battery life is a big factor when choosing a device. Doze can improve it in a big way. When your device is at rest, Doze automatically puts SHIELD tablet K1 into a sleep state. You’ll also get app standby enhancements and improved Bluetooth Low Energy scanning power efficiency.
  • Now on Tap This new feature from Google anticipates what you need, the moment you need it. With a simple tap, you’ll be able to quickly find information related to what you are seeing on the screen, as well as inside an app.
  • Adoptable Storage – You can integrate MicroSD cards with main internal storage auto managed by the system. This replaces SHIELD’s move to SD functionality.
  • Improved App Permissions – Permissions are now managed centrally, meaning you have more freedom to grant access as you wish.

More Upgrades from NVIDIA

  • New NVIDIA SHIELD Camera – We’re adding a new camera app to SHIELD tablet K1, with a user interface inspired by Material Design. It brings improved burst photo functionality and adds new real-time HD image effects, accelerated by Tegra K1’s Kepler-based GPU.
  • Fallout Shelter and Bonus Lunchboxes – Bethesda’s acclaimed post-apocalyptic world, Fallout Shelter, is part of the upgrade. As a bonus, the first 50,000 SHIELD tablet K1 gamers can score five free lunchboxes, each containing four Fallout Shelter cards for in-game currency, consumables and more. Click here to learn more.
  • User Interface UpgradesPersonalize Home and Lock screens with different wallpapers, including new NVIDIA wallpapers. You can launch Google Now voice commands from the lock screen. And you can personalize your Quick Settings menu, adding, removing or rearranging toggles.