NVIDIA’s SHIELD Tablet was one of the best Android devices released last year, and it looks like the company is already gearing up for a second-generation model. Android Police reports that the upgraded Android slate will launch this summer, roughly a year after the original device hit the market in July 2014.

The SHIELD lineup is designed to showcase NVIDIA’s latest processors, so you can expect the upcoming tablet to sport a Tegra X1. The new chip, which was announced earlier this year at CES 2015, offers twice the performance of last year’s already impressive K1. It also promises improved graphics for better gaming.

Android Police doesn’t offer any other details on the device’s hardware, though we’re guessing it will be an overall upgrade over the original tablet. NVIDIA still has plenty of time to sort out specs ahead of its rumored launch in July, and we’ll let you know if any more info leaks out. For now, the original SHIELD Tablet is still a solid device if you’re looking to buy something now and don’t feel like waiting for the summer.