Earlier this year NVIDIA unveiled the Shield, an all-in-one “microconsole” priced at $199. Now it looks like the company is preparing to release a new Shield Pro running Google’s Android TV operating system. Rumor has it the device will cost $299.

The device leaked out on Amazon this weekend with the name NVIDIA Shield Pro. It’s been denied and deleted since then, but screenshots of the listing offer what looks like a pretty definitive look at the new product. The Shield Pro apparently packs 500GB of storage and a 256-core NVIDIA chip. It also ships with a controller and an HDMI cable, with the option to add a stand and a remote to your order.

The design looks extremely similar to the previous Shield, though clearly it’s all about the software here. Android TV offers Google voice commands, support for Google Cast on your iOS or Android device, and more. It may also feature “a new class of Android games” available only on Shield.

There’s no word on when the Shield Pro will actually launch, but given this slip it likely won’t be long. We’ll be keeping an eye out for any more news, so stay tuned for the latest on NVIDIA’s mysterious new console.