NVIDIA announced a software update on Thursday to the NVIDIA SHIELD TV that adds a few compelling features, the biggest of which is the ability for the NVIDIA SHIELD to serve as a Plex Media server.

If you haven’t used Plex before, it basically allows you to keep all of your movies in one place and then access them from mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones, from anywhere. It has a stunning user interface, providing all sorts of meta-data for the music and video you keep stored on a server.

Previously, you’d need to have a dedicated computer at home in order to host a Plex server; now you can just use the NVIDIA SHIELD TV. SHIELD owners will also get Plex for free, which is a $5 value, though you’ll still need to pay the $5 monthly fee for the full gamut of features on your mobile devices.

The update will also add a few other features, including HDR support for Netflix and games,  in-app voice support in Netflix, 4K 60fps YouTube support, Dolby Atmos pass-through options and more. NVIDIA SHIELD Upgrade 3.2 should begin rolling out soon. You can read more about the update on the Plex blog below.