The NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet is one of the coolest gaming devices on the market, offering phenomenal power in a tiny package. While we weren’t necessarily pining for a follow-up, evidence surfaced in May suggested a sequel was on the way. But according to a new letter from NVIDIA to the FCC, that’s no longer happening.

Here’s the letter in question:

Dear Examiner,

This is to request Federal Communications Commission to dismiss the above grant(s).

The reason for this request is based on the following:

  • For business reasons, the product has been cancelled.

We confirmed this device (FCC ID: VOB-P2290W) has not been sold or marketed anywhere (i.e., in any country).

It appears NVIDIA had plans to sell a new Shield Tablet but decided against it for “business reasons.” What those business reasons are remain unclear; one can speculate that sales weren’t quite up to par to warrant a new model.

The original SHIELD Tablet is still plenty powerful and among the cheapest products on the market, so a follow-up isn’t really necessary at this point in time. Not to mention the tablet market is on the decline, so perhaps NVIDIA instead wants to focus its attention on other products like the SHIELD TV.

Update: “While we don’t comment on unannounced products, we’re fully committed to supporting the SHIELD platform. SHIELD tablet K1 is still in production, look for additional units to be available shortly,” NVIDIA told TechnoBuffalo when asked for comment.

Below is the supposed letter from Charles Jackson, NVIDIA’s Compliance Engineering Manager, dated Aug. 1, 2016.