nvidia press invite

NVIDIA has something big in the works. Something it’s been developing for years. Something that could change the world. At least, that’s what the company’s promising in a press invitation sent out Tuesday night for an event on March 3 in San Francisco.

“More than five years in the making, what I want to share with you will redefine the future of gaming,” writes NVIDIA CEO, president and co-founder Jen-Hsun Huang.

It’s unclear exactly what the chip-maker plans to announce, though we’re guessing it could be related to the Tegra X1 processor unveiled last month at CES. Then again, the company says this news is five years in the making, so it might not be related to the firm’s latest mobile chip.

NVIDIA is also expected to announce a new SHIELD Tablet later this year, though likely not until the summer. That doesn’t rule out the possibility of new hardware next month, and the image included in the invitation certainly seems to suggest some sort of physical product is on the way.

Either way, we’ll be covering whatever news the company has to share, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that a new NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet could be on the docket for March 3.