Nvidia's Project Shield was easily the standout of this year's CES, a nice change of pace from the unholy expensive TVs and connected appliances. While the handheld really promises to change the way people experience Android gaming, the more exciting aspect is the ability to stream PC titles from a computer equipped with a GeForce graphics card straight to the Shield.

In the example you see above, the Tegra 4-powered Shield effortlessly streams Borderlands 2 from a PC right to Nvidia's device. No hiccups, lag, or degradation in quality. Just complete and utter gaming utopia anywhere you want in your home. What more could you ask for?

While the Project Shield may seem like a superfluous device, imagine how much gaming you'll get done on the couch, or slouched over in bed? Suddenly playing Borderlands 2 on a handheld doesn't seem like such a bad idea.