NVIDIA on Wednesday officially announced its Mobile Kepler GPU, part of the “Project Logan” system on a chip (SoC), which is the latest mobile graphics processor technology that will launch in 2014.

NVIDIA said Mobile Kepler offers more horsepower than the company’s 8800 GTX processors and even the PlayStation 3, which is pretty stunning considering this chip is designed for mobile devices. It supports OpenGL ES 4.3, OpenGL 4.4, Microsoft DirectX 11, Cuda 5.0 and more, while only using a 2-watt power envelope. From a content perspective, it also supports tessellation, advanced lighting, ray tracing, global illumination, post processing and physical simulation, which means game developers will be able to create some of the most advanced looking mobile games ever.

Devices running the processor, specifically tablets, are expected during the first half of 2014. NVIDIA did not say which devices or from what OEM partners, but said that it’s a licensable intellectual property core.

The big question: should you wait for Mobile Kepler and skip Tegra 4? NVIDIA says no, absolutely not. This is the next generation architecture and Tegra 4 is still the focus for immediate product launches. Still, the company says we can “absolutely” expect the chip in the next-generation NVIDIA Shield device.

Check out the videos above and below, both of which are running on reference tablets running Mobile Kepler.