NVIDIA TegraZone website

NVIDIA has launched an awesome new website today called TegraZone — a site which is dedicated to mobile gaming on Tegra-powered smartphones and tablets, and accompanies the Tegra Zone application for Android devices.

TegraZone helps you discover the biggest and best games for your NVIDIA Tegra-powered device. For mobile gamers who struggle to find the latest and greatest in the Android Market, TegraZone has got you covered.

Use TegraZone to browse the entire selection of Tegra-optimized games, then read professional game reviews, view high-resolution screenshots and high-definition videos and watch behind the scenes footage. When you’re completely satisfied that you’ve found the game for you want, TegraZone will take you directly to the Android Market to download it. You can also share you favorite titles with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

NVIDIA’s new TegraZone website allows you to access the service from pretty much anywhere there’s an Internet connection. It includes everything you’ll find in the TegraZone app, as well as community forums and giveaways.

But what about the application? Well, that’s been updated too: it now features a ‘GET DEMO’ button that provides access to free or ‘lite’ versions of about 25% of the games currently available; it also boasts Android notifications, better Facebook integration; and support for Japan, the U.K. and India — in addition to territories previously supported such as the U.S., Brazil, and parts of Europe.

As a keen mobile gamer, I think the new TegraZone website is fantastic. The selection of games is a little limited right now, but that library is sure to continue to grow as more and more Tegra-powered devices hit the market. I personally use an iOS device for gaming, so I have to do all of my game shopping in the App Store. I’d love a way to browse for new titles in my web browser like this.

Have you tried out the new TegraZone site or the updated Android app yet? What do you think?