Earlier this year at CES, it seemed there were more tablets than attendees, most of which were running Google's open source Android operating system.  Unfortunately for the Android name, there were very few that showed true potential through a combination of solid hardware and software tweaked for an optimal user experience.  Nvidia showed of a preview of what they were working on at their CES presentation but now there's video of one up close and oh so personal.  The video above shows a super snappy UI that's capable of Flash playback and multitasking.  Who'da thunk!?  Now that we're seeing some viable 'phone' OS's converted to the tablet form factor, I stand by my resistance of a full-blown desktop OS tablet.

What do you think?  Android tablet, iPhone OS tablet, or Windows Phone 7 Series Tablet?  It's going to be a bloody battle but one of them is going to come out on top.  Predictions?  They'll fit nicely in the comments.