Nvidia cloud big

Nvidia is a big kahuna in the graphics chip industry. Responsible for the renowned mobile-oriented Tegra chip, the company has tech stuffed inside some of the most popular devices today, including gaming PCs and multiple tablets, including ones by Lenovo and Asus. So when chief exec Jen-Hsun Huan says something like this, it gets noticed: At a call this week with analysts, Huang remarked that consumers are realizing that “a great tablet is better than a cheap PC.”

Little wonder why he believes that: The company has been experiencing a slump in PC chips, which could’ve been disastrous considering the PC market accounts for 70 percent of Nvidia’s business. Luckily Nvidia’s tablet and smartphone business is growing, which balances what would’ve been a dicey situation. (And, he added, the rollout of its Kepler-based graphics chips is doing well, suggesting that there’s no need to worry about Nvidia’s performance.)

What do you think? Huang clearly believes his business was buoyed by a tablet market driven by the public’s increasing awareness and appreciation for tablets. Do you agree with Nvidia’s assessment of tablets vs. computers? Tell us which you would choose, a great tablet or a so-so computer, in the comments.

[Via VentureBeat]