So the rumors of NVIDIA making a tablet were true—kind of. The company on Wednesday announced a new tablet platform that NVIDIA says is designed to help manufacturers bring their own tablets to market. Basically, NVIDIA’s Tegra Note is being used as a demonstration that manufacturers can then turn into an actual consumer product. Of course, the entire initiative will be powered by NVIDIA’s new Tegra 4 chip, which is currently present in the company’s Shield portable gaming device.

Briefly introduced at Computex in June, NVIDIA’s project consists of both hardware and software (NVIDIA will control OTA updates), along with a series of accessories and the company’s ties to game development. To be clear: NVIDIA isn’t selling the Note platform, partners are. NVIDIA says that over the next month, its partners will begin to bring Tegra Note to market in its various iterations; the Note starts at a suggested retail price of $199, so these are definitely priced to sell.

In addition to the Tegra 4 chip, Nvidia’s Tegra Note platform features a stylus with the company’s DirectStylus tech, NVIDIA’s PureAudio, TegraZone gaming, 10+ hours of HD video playback and a “groundbreaking camera.” NVIDIA is also promising “accessories galore,” including a slide cover that can bend in three distinct positions.

With so many of today’s top manufacturers going with Qualcomm, NVIDIA is trying to drum up excitement by essentially doing the work for OEMs. It’ll just be a matter of those companies producing devices and bringing them to market. While you won’t see an actual NVIDIA Tegra Note on store shelves, the blueprints are out there, and could lead to some competitively priced devices. We’ll see what comes out of the wheel well soon.

Processor Tegra 4 mobile processor with quad-core Cortex-A15 CPU and 72-core GeForce GPU
Display 7-inch HD IPS LCD display (1280 x 800)
Camera Rear 5 MP and front VGA webcam
Storage 16 GB storage with micro SD expandable up to an additional 32 GB
Audio Front facing “HD Audio” stereo speakers with a unique bass-reflex port
Stylus Chisel and Brush tips for natural writing and broad strokes
Peripherals Micro HDMI connector to drive big screen TV videos and gaming
OS 100% Android with latest version of the OS
Software Updates Over The Air software updates directly from NVIDIA
Battery Life 10 hours HD video playback