If you own Nuclear Throne, you'll be getting an extra, free, giftable copy of the game to give away to a friend on New Year's Day this week. This news comes from Vlambeer, the studio behind the game.

Why? As the developer explains in the video above, Nuclear Throne is an unfinished project. It's selling as an Early Access title, in fact. The team behind it wants to do more with the game, and that takes a few more fresh eyeballs.

Thus comes the free copy of the game. As Vlambeer explained in the YouTube comments on the video, "We need fresh eyes on the game." He went on:

"…people that will still get decimated by Big Bandit and that will complain about the ravens in the scrapyard…We need to know how they feel about Nuclear Throne, and we need your help to reach them.

…We hope you bring someone wonderful to the community for 2015…"

They're also asking that the players who currently own the game give their free copy to players who will be active in the community. They need new eyeballs, and they obviously need those eyeballs to be productive in criticism.

Here's a look at the game from way back in early 2014, if you're curious.

Vlambeer aims to release the game in 2015, and this will supposedly work towards making an even better final product.