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We'll finally see some sales statistics regarding digital video game purchases from The NPD Group. They have announced their digital point-of-sale sourced service, a means of tracking digital sales in the console gaming industry.

The NPD Group tracks all sorts of sales across multiple industries. For years, it's been the major tracker behind sales data for the world of gaming in the United States. As consoles moved into the future and began offering a digital means to purchase games, the data provided by the monthly NPD updates has been lacking in precision.

The NPDs only accounted for physical sales in game shops and online. Those digital purchases that some company's put at more than 50 percent of their revenue simply weren't accounted for.

Joanne Hageman, President, U.S. Toys & Games, The NPD Group, had this to say in the press release.

"As has been experienced across a wide variety of industries, digital has made a big impact on the overall gaming market, and we've risen to meet the demand for a reporting mechanism that tracks those sales in a timely and accurate way…

…With the participation and support of leading publishers – whose cooperation makes this possible – we are excited to launch an industry-first service that addresses a long-standing need."

We'll see data for digital sales in gaming soon. Stay tuned.