Atari Cartidges

Have you embraced the digital distribution revolution, or are you still one of the people who will hold on to anything to get that box? The NPD's Core Gaming 2014 report suggests that statistically if you still need a physical game when you decide on making a purchase, you are still in the majority.

74 percent of gamers still prefer a physical box when shopping for a video game. While there is still an overwhelming support for physical media, the number is a decrease of 5 percent from last year.

The statistics also show that 34 million gamers spend 22.1 hours a week playing games, and 11 percent of them spend 4-5 hours a week playing mobile consoles like the PS Vita or Nintendo 3DS. Sounds about right to me as I spend roughly that amount of time in transit to work in a single week.

One statistic that I do not fall into is suggesting that gamers are found to play multiplayer games 70 percent of the time. I'm still big on going solo and not sharing my gaming time with others.

As for physical games versus digital games, where do you sit? When it comes to my PS Vita or Nintendo 3DS, I have completely turned digital. I never have to carry around cartridges anymore, and I can still take my entire collection with me. PSOne Classics, PSP games, indie games, most things digital on PSN are compatible on the PS Vita, and if this trend sticks, maybe I won't have to rebuy them the next time Sony makes a handheld.

It was a bit annoying rebuying a few PSP games I wanted to play on my Vita.

As for consoles, though, I still stick to the boxes almost every time. Unless there is a sale or a game I don't care too much about, discs are still the way to go for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. It's true that manuals have less effort put into them these days if they are even included at all, and the material used for cases becomes cheaper and cheaper every year.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn's disc is nothing but an install that you never need to use again. If there is any other sign you need that consoles are becoming PCs, if they aren't already there, then just take a look at that. What's the point of owning that or keeping it around besides for collection's sake?

Obviously, there is something about a large shelf of games that I just can't say no to. Maybe I'm just a show off.