Now that you’ve survived the hectic holiday period, you’re probably wondering what to do with all that money you got. You could spend it on some cool gadgets, or maybe save it for school. One thing you absolutely shouldn’t do is buy a Samsung device—at least not yet.

Whenever the New Year hits, it acts as the unofficial sign for companies to unleash refreshed devices. That’s essentially what Mobile World Congress is for in February. So, unless you plan on buying the Pixel 2 or iPhone X, you’re better off fighting the urge to buy a new smartphone, rather than picking one up now.

Think of it this way: The Galaxy Note 8 is already four months old, while the Galaxy S8 is nearing its one anniversary. The market turns around quick, which means they’ll be “outdated” before long. Both are still terrific phones—there’s no arguing that. But Samsung is just a few weeks from revealing its next flagship, which means a few things.

One, Samsung fans will get official details on the Galaxy S9, providing consumers with the opportunity to compare it with the Galaxy S8.

Two, waiting until the Galaxy S9 launches will likely see the Galaxy S8 drop in price. It’s really win-win if you wait. You’ll get the exact device you want, and you could potentially save a few hundred dollars, too.

The Galaxy S8 was pretty close to perfect when we reviewed it, and there’s every indication Samsung’s next iteration will be even better. Not only will Samsung fix the much-maligned placement of the fingerprint sensor, but the Galaxy S9’s specs are expected to be very powerful.

Additionally, a recent leak indicates the device’s camera will be further improved, while reports suggests Samsung is set to introduce more advanced iris-scanning technology to take on the iPhone X’s Face ID. In other words, the Galaxy S9 is expected to be a worthy upgrade over its predecessor.

Conversely, the Galaxy S9 could also be viewed as somewhat boring. The design isn’t expected to drastically change, and the battery is said to be identical to what was used in the Galaxy S8.

Rumors suggest the Galaxy S9 Plus will be the device to watch, with a dual-camera setup and more RAM. The bad news is the more powerful device could also be more expensive, a trend that’s currently taking over the industry.

You can’t go wrong no matter which Samsung device you choose. But hold off on buying one for the time being, because we’re just a few weeks away from an official Galaxy S9 announcement from Samsung.