Since its release (in alpha, beta and full format), Minecraft has been an indie darling that's sold millions and millions of copies. It's available on the PC platform specifically as a downloadable game. The transaction for getting it is easy and quick; but, it requires a credit card or a form of online payment.

Considering that a large chunk of the potential audience for Minecraft are young adults and kids who might not have credit cards, there's likely a group of gamers who want to buy Minecraft but simply have no way of doing so.

Maybe you're 12 and your parents won't let you use their credit card. Maybe you're 80 and you don't trust the banks with your money. Whatever the reason, Minecraft's retail nature has been limited enough that you've never had the chance to pony up the cash for a copy.

Well, starting now, if you live in the US, you can purchase a prepaid card from specific brick and mortar retailers for a copy of Minecraft. The cards carry a MSRP of $26.95, and they are currently available at Wal-mart, Target and Best Buy.

Will you be buying a card, or do you already have access to Mojang's breakout hit?


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