The Humble Bundle for Voxatron, as we previously covered earlier today, now has three games available from the point of purchase. The original Voxatron remains in place, while Blocks That Matter (as seen above) and The Binding of Isaac (from the minds behind Super Meat Boy) are new to the package. All three are great indie games.

Here's the deal with each title, as per the Humble Bundle site:

Dive into a twisted basement dungeon in The Binding of Isaac. Get ready for a delicious brew of randomly generated, Legend of Zelda-esque dungeons; Robotron-esque run-and-gun; and action-RPG progression. The recently launched Halloween update adds a ton of content — a new chapter, new bosses, new enemies, new items, a new character, a new ending, and more!

Learn new tricks with tetrominoes in Blocks That Matter. In this award-winning, charismatic, platform-puzzler mashup, you play as the Tetrobot, a plucky robotic drill that assimilates blocks of varying materials and properties, like sand, wood, stone, obsidian, iron, and diamond. After absorbing blocks, you'll need to recreate them in various tetromino-shaped patterns to solve puzzles and traverse levels.

If you've already taken advantage of this Humble Bundle deal and are now wondering whether or not you'll have to step up and add money in order to see the freshly added content, fear not! Once you make the purchase, you meet the minimum requirements to enjoy everything the Humble Bundle team adds to the experience. Just head to the download link you were sent once you bought the bundle the first time around, both The Binding of Isaac and Blocks That Matter will be there and available for download.

Remember, when you buy into the bundle, you'll be able to decide where your money goes amongst the developers, charities and company involved.

You have roughly 13 days to pony up whatever cash you'd like in order to land a piece of the latest Humble Bundle.

[via Humble Bundle]