Sometimes, when you have to get rid of something, you just dump it in a landfill. But what if it still has a job to do? The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 might not be in consumers’ hands anymore, Samsung apparently decided to give it some work. In a tour of Samsung’s smartphone factory and battery-testing facility, Mashable discovered the fate of the Note 7.

Rows and rows of Samsung phones are plugged in for charge-discharge tests, which tests batteries just how you’d expect. Above those rows of batteries, though, Mashable spotted Galaxy Note 7 phones mounted as cameras. They’re a bit hard to see, and Samsung only allowed its own internally-vetted photos of the facility, but if you squint at the image below, they’re definitely there.

The Verge, too, noted the presence of the Note 7 phones, suspended via selfie sticks, over the rows of phones.

A perfect fate for an imperfect phone

The phones apparently have a lower-capacity battery swapped in, as they’re plugged in all the time, but to repurpose the phones as cameras not only makes sense, it’s kind of poetic justice for the once-great handset. We loved the phone when it came out, and the camera was one of the best in the business. Why not put it to work, considering how good the cameras are?

And to have them watching unblinkingly over the new generation as they go through testing feels like a grizzled old drill sergeant, limping on a cane while fresh-faced kids go through basic training.