Samsung Galaxy S5 Review 4

The Galaxy Note 4 sure is shaping up to be quite a powerhouse, at least if we're to take every single rumor into consideration. As if the new and improved S Pen, Quad HD display and alleged UV sensor aren't going to be enough to woo consumers, the fingerprint reader is apparently also going to be pretty awesome. Apparently Samsung is bringing over the same fingerprint reader tech featured in the Galaxy Alpha and the Galaxy S5, but with even more software features to build on the user experience.

SamMobile said one new option is "Fingerprint Shortcuts," which will allow users to launch applications with the swipe of a specific digit across the screen. The HTC One Max offered this option, too, and let users launch Twitter, or the camera, or any other application, after registering a certain fingerprint to do so. It sounds like the functionality will be similar on the Galaxy Note 4. "When you unlock the device with the registered fingers, you can make the finger shortcut to any applications or other functions directly from the lock screen,a leaked user guide quote provided by SamMobile explained. Additionally, users will apparently be able to sign-in to websites using a fingerprint, SamMobile said.

The Galaxy Note 4 will likely make its debut during Samsung's Unpacked event on Sept. 3. TechnoBuffalo will be covering the event from New York City and in Berlin, where the IFA trade show will be taking place.