So far, we’ve gotten a few brief looks into Tales of Zesteria‘s group of goody two-shoe heroes, and every single one of them has a nice squeaky clean air around them. Well, take a quick glance at Zabida, and tell me he’s obviously the rotten apple of the bunch.

As typical as it comes with most Japanese anime and video game casts, one bad boy with a heart of gold is necessary, and Zabida is a clear cut nomination for that role. Just look at him, the slanted grin and that rebellious glare as he points a gun to his head. Bandai Namco describes him as a man of questionable allegiance, which most likely translates into him learning something about companionship somewhere during the journey.

His affinity lies with the element of wind and the sky, most likely explaining why the rest of the screenshots focus so much on Bandai Namco’s weather conditions. I wonder what it says about the team’s priorities when the clouds and sun are far more beautifully detailed than the villages and environments.

Bandai Namco has confirmed that Tales of Zesteria will be getting a release in America the same year it comes out in Japan, where it is due for release this fall. Zabida and the cloud detail look great, but my money is on Persona 5 as the PlayStation 3 JRPG you’ll want to close out the year on.