Perhaps the most despised head of state in the world, North Korea's Supreme Leader Kim-Jong Un will soon star in a video game in which he takes on the entire American military as they try to invade his isolationist nation. With the aid of his flaming unicorn and ex-NBA superstar Dennis Rodman, the capitalist pigs have no chance against the Glorious Leader!

What seemingly sounds like a really silly game on paper that a talented developer could throw together over a quick weekend is actually so much more. Glorious Leader is Moneyhorse Games' hilarious spoof of how North Korea's dynasty of leaders actually portrays itself to its subjects: a one man fighting force capable of taking on the capitalist machine which pollutes the world.

Of course, the leader would never be an aggressor upon other nations and is defending the honor of his nation by stopping an invasion.

Glorious Leader is home to burning American flags, American tanks falling to the power of a tiny North Korean machine gun, Dennis Rodman's "basketball diplomacy," and great recreations of Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il's presidential statues in retro arcade pixel art.

Backed by its insensitive themes, Glorious Leader has a great sense of 1980s style arcade run 'n gunners reminiscent of classics like Contra, and it will soon be available for PC and mobile phones.