persona-3-5-l1fiebxfok-1024x768Out of all the companies traditionally tied to Japanese RPGs, none have done a better job keeping the fading genre relevant in this day and age than Atlus. Their relentless enthusiasm toward high quality localization and intimate relationships with fans have rewarded them with record financial gains over the last several years.

Today, the North American CEO, Shinichi Suzuki, stepped down from his post after an eight year tenure which saw Atlus localize handfuls of award winning titles like Trauma Center, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3, Demon’s Souls, Radiant Historia, and Catherine, not to mention the countless niche Japanese titles that would have never seen American shores had the company not stepped in.

Transforming a small niche publisher into the mainstay of Japanese RPGs certainly is not an easy task, leaving Shinichi Suzuki with a proud legacy of showing other publishers the proper way of treating their fans while still running a successful business.

“In the time since I assumed the role of President and CEO of Index Digital Media, Inc., the company has experienced tremendous success and growth. I am so proud to have served at the helm of such a well-loved brand as ATLUS. I thank my staff and all of the fans that continue to support the company and its games. Under new leadership, we will continue our proud tradition of excellent games and exceptional localizations. I extend my sincerest thanks to all who helped in some way to make us successful.”

Longtime employee Naoto Hiraoka will take the reigns from Suzuki on the eve of Atlus’ biggest game of the year, Persona 4 Arena. The fighting game based on Atlus’ most popular RPG series is being developed by Arc Works Systems and will be release August 7th for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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