Meet Noreen Krall. Remember that name, she is the soldier in Steve Jobs' self-proclaimed thermonuclear war against all those that have "infringed" on Apple's patents.  She's a very busy person, as Apple's chief litigation counsel, she's tasked with bringing and winning the $1 billion case against Samsung. Not only Samsung, the list of possible litigants is a who's who of the mobile tech world (Samsung, HTC, Motorola Mobility, Google).

What's more impressive is the explosive growth of the smartphone market, Bloomberg claims the industry grew 62 percent to $219 billion last year.

As the industry grows, it appears everyone is suing everyone. It is Krall's knowledge of patents and court procedures across multiple jurisdictions that has gained respect of Apple's top brass as well as competitors.  As we've reported here, the mobile-phone patent battle has taken shape across multiple continents and doesn't look to be slowing down.

According to Bloomberg, Apple just began its patent litigation team in 2009 by hiring Bruce Sewell and Krall in 2010.

Krall came to Apple with a respectable resume, including stints at IBM and Sun Microsystems Inc.  She is well-regarded amongst her peers for her strategic mindset and her ability to have engineers and attorneys work closely to deliver solid cases against competitors.  She's known to be show up at courtrooms to observe attorneys and follow closely to ensure cases are argued consistently.  This is probably smart on Krall's part, since these legal battles also take to the court of public opinion.

The Silicon Valley consensus is you want Krall on your side and you never want to go up against her. I'm sure Apple covets her talents and is glad they were able to recruit her. We will certainly see her name more and more as we see more patents come to question amongst these tech companies.

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