It's Christmas Eve, Buffalo, and that means jolly old St. Nick is currently making final preparations before he goes on his annual journey around the world. Which list did you make this year, naughty or nice? Whatever the case, NORAD, a U.S.-Canada air defense directorate, will once again use its high-tech satellites to track Santa Claus as he flies with his reindeer across the night sky.

NORAD has been keeping tabs on Santa since 1955, first happening by mistake. As the story goes, a Colorado Springs newspaper ad invited anxious kids to call Santa on a hotline. Only, the number had a typo, leading many kids to call the Continental Aerospace Defense Command, NORAD's predecessor. Not wanting to disappoint the excited children, officers on duty played along and even shared reports on Santa's whereabouts. The rest is history.

Today, NORAD's Santa updates can be found on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and In addition, the air defense unit has rolled out a Santa-tracking smartphone app built by visionbox. During the other 364 days, NORAD monitors North American skies and seas through its high-tech tracking technology.

Last year, NORAD volunteers answered more than 80,000 phone calls on Christmas Eve, Joyce Creech, project leader or NORAD said. This year over 1,200 people have volunteered in anticipation of kids looking for Santa updates.

It's a fun way for both parents and kids to get excited about Santa's arrival. Remember to leave out those cookies, just don't tell Mrs. Claus.

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