Nook Tablet HomeHow does a company make a product that can go on to become a viable threat to iPad’s dominance? Amazon and Barnes & Noble have taken on this challenge by answering: ecosystem and price. That’s why the two devices have been so well received by consumers. Sure, they don’t stack up performance-wise when it comes to the iPad, but the two offer just enough to hold their own. In fact, surprising new results from DisplayMate suggest that one of the devices stands above the others in an unexpected category.

In a new IPS display shoot-out, DisplayMate discovered that Barnes & Noble’s Nook Tablet has a 28 percent lower screen reflectance than the iPad 2, and even better gray-scale calibration than some home HDTVs. Compared to the Kindle Fire, the Nook Tablet display easily bested Amazon’s offering – DisplayMate found that Amazon’s screen is 70 percent more reflective than the iPad 2 and more than double the reflectance of the Nook Tablet.

Despite claims from Amazon that it gave the Kindle Fire a thorough anti-reflective treatment, DisplayMate found that the tablet has one of the most reflective screens of any tablet they’ve previously tested. In addition, its gray-scale calibration is way off and overdriven, making bright pictures appear less detailed than they actually are.

“The Amazon Kindle Fire came in with a decidedly last place finish behind the Nook Tablet and iPad 2. In most categories it was just somewhat behind the Nook Tablet and iPad 2,

Of course, DisplayMate went on to explain that all three tablets won and lost in specific categories, remaining close in most lab testing. However, the Nook Tablet lead in most instances, making it the best overall tablet display in regards to performance and quality, at least for now. If the iPad 3 hits next year with a Retina quality display, it will certainly take the crown as the best tablet display. For now, the $250 price tag on the Nook Tablet doesn’t seem all that high at the moment.

Which of the three do you have? Have you noticed a difference in screen quality?

[Tested, via DisplayMate]

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