Do you miss PixelJunk as much as I do? Q-Games’ excellent series of minimalist games stole a lot of hearts in the early days of the PlayStation 3, but it has been relatively quiet over the past few years.

All that changes next week with the PlayStation 4 launch of Nom Nom Galaxy, a collaborative effort between Q-Games and Double 11 to rekindle that old creative spirit. Double 11 Design Manager Gareth Wright describes the game as ““genre-blending,” but at its core it’s about creating enormous soup factories with your friends and shipping tasty soup into outer space!”

Nom Nom Galaxy combines many themes of gameplay, with equal elements of classic platforming, mining, construction, resource management, and tower defence.

A further, deeper explanation can be found on PlayStation Blog.

I missed a few of the more recent PixelJunk games like PixelJunk Side Scroller and PixelJunk 4am, but this is one I don’t think I am going to miss. The superior powers of the PlayStation 4 put the series on a whole new level and really allow Q-Games’ distinct style to shine like never before.

Be sure to pick up Nom Nom Galaxy next week when it launches for the PlayStation 4.