Video game characters these days are often based off of the actors that end up doing their voices and performance capture. That’s how you end up with Iceman and Littlefinger battling with time powers in Quantum BreakUncharted‘s Nathan Drake, though, isn’t based off of his actor, Nolan North. The funny thing is that you’d never know it, looking at him. They’re not identical twins, but it’s close enough.

That, then, makes the promotional video above that much funnier. The video features Nolan North and Troy Baker, the voices of Nathan and Sam Drake, and is a preview for a longer video titled ‘The Brothers Drake,’ set to release this week.

I’m not quite sure what it’s about quite yet, but my hope is that it involves Troy Baker trying repeatedly to convince Nolan North that he’s not a swashbuckling adventurer.

The two actors are as beloved by fans as they are prolific. North has played an endless list of characters in both animation and live action, including Deadpool in the Deadpool game a couple years ago, the modern-day protagonist Desmond Miles in Assassin’s Creed, and the Penguin in the recent trilogy of Batman: Arkham games. Baker’s best-known role is probably The Last of Us’ tortured protagonist Joel, though he’s been just about everywhere lately, portraying the Joker in Batman: Arkham OriginsBioShock Infinite protgaonist Booker DeWitt, Far Cry 4 villain Pagan Min, and tons more.

The two, friends in real life, generally play off each other pretty well, so I’d expect the same from this video.

The game in which they act together, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, releases May 10 for PlayStation 4. We really liked it.