If you live in the U.K. and you’re patiently waiting, wallet in hand, for Nokia’s new Android smartphones, it’s going to be a difficult couple of months. While retailers have already begun advertising the Nokia 3 and the Nokia 5, neither are expected to land until May.

The midrange devices were officially unveiled at Mobile World Congress last month alongside the Nokia 6, which was already available in China, and the revamped Nokia 3310. In some European markets, including the Netherlands, the Nokia 3 and the Nokia 5 are already available to pre-order — but it seems some will be waiting a lot longer than others.

Clove, a reliable smartphone retailer in the U.K., has already listed all four handsets on its online store. However, it doesn’t expect the Nokia 3, the Nokia 5, or the Nokia 3310 to be available until May. The Nokia 6, which will be exclusive to Carphone Warehouse initially, won’t be available from Clove until June when that exclusivity comes to an end.

Clove does note, however, that official availability is “to be confirmed,” so there is a possibility these launch dates will change. The retailer is also withholding pricing information at the moment until it has been confirmed by Nokia and hardware partner HMD Global for the U.K. market.

Given that all three handsets are midrange offerings, we’re not expecting any of them to be too expensive; they will certainly be a darn sight cheaper than the latest flagships. But we’ll be sure to update you when Nokia releases more information for fans in Great Britain.