AT&T Nokia Lumia 925-Camera-App

Nokia’s terrific new Camera app, which combines the flexibility and power of its Smart Cam and Pro Cam apps, is now available to download in the Windows Phone Store. The Finnish company has focused a lot of resources on developing its camera and software technology, and it’s nice to see the app more widely distributed to users in the Lumia family.

The app, of course, is only available to Lumia users, but chances are whatever Windows Phone device you own is a Lumia variant—a majority of WP handsets seem to be made by Nokia. In addition to Nokia’s Smart Cam and Pro Cam apps joining forces, the app itself also supports the company’s Lenses apps on Windows Phone, so you’re basically getting all the tools you’d ever need for your Lumia device.

That’s just a taste of what’s to come, though. Nokia announced that Vine, Instagram and other apps are coming soon.