nokia android forked ui normandy

A new set of photos from trusted tipster @evleaks show Nokia's modified Android UI in detail for the first time. In three pictures we see Skype, a Phone app, and a notification center running on what appears to be a forked version of Google's open-source OS.

The device itself, allegedly codenamed "Normandy," has been in development for a while now, though whether it will ever see the light of day is unclear. Nokia's modified version of Android is allegedly forked, meaning Google won't support it with access to the Play Store or pre-installed versions of popular services including Gmail, Chrome and Google Maps. However, a UI based on Android could mean easier access to third-party apps—an ongoing issue for Windows Phone—while Microsoft's own services would likely replace Google's.

The Normandy may fall short of the Nokia device running a bare bones version of Android many dreamed of, but it's still something. With Microsoft set to take over Nokia's mobile division in the next few months we'll hopefully hear some official news on this mystery device around the same time.