nokia phablet

Nokia may be manufacturing a massive Lumia smartphone, a leaked photo of the smartphone's front panel reveals. The news comes from Chinese ICTech, an account on popular social media site Weibo with a solid track record for leaking mobile news.

We've heard whispers of a Nokia phablet in the past, but this is the first photo of the device to surface online, suggesting production for the upcoming Lumia handset is finally gearing up. ICTech claims that the smartphone will feature a 6-inch display, and although there's no way to confirm its size you can see in the photo that the screen looks gigantic compared to the gloved hand holding it.

Nokia's first Lumia phablet likely won't be announced until the end of the year, when Microsoft releases the GDR3 update that will allow Windows Phone 8 to support its massive screen and rumored 1080p display. For now, the biggest Lumia device remains the recently-announced Lumia 625, a low-cost 4.7-inch smartphone meant to target emerging markets.