Nokia X Speedway

Nokia still hasn't said anything official to confirm the existence of the Nokia X Android phone, but the number of leaked images surrounding this device do seem to indicate that the handset will see a release at some point in the not too distant future.

With Microsoft set to take over Nokia's hardware business, the fate of the oft rumored Android powered Nokia X has been a big question mark. As we draw closer to Mobile World Congress later this month in Spain, however, the frequency of the leaks has only increased which would seem to indicate that the phone is still out there and will more than likely be announced at the conference.

Notable mobile leaker @evleaks posted yet another piece of evidence this morning in the form of what appears to be a press image for the upcoming phone. It shows an almost curved speedway design of multiple Nokia X handsets, all in green, curving back into the distance. No other comment was offered than the infamous product leaker saying "Nokia X."

There is still a chance that Microsoft will kill the product off as it runs a competing operating system, but the number of leaks just keeps climbing, and that would seem to indicate that at this time work is still progressing on it. As it appears to be a lower-end device, it would make for a good opportunity for Microsoft to keep the Nokia name alive and well in developing markets, but we'll just have to wait and see what the ultimate plan is for the mysterious Nokia X.