The Nokia X is an entry-level smartphone in every way. From its underpowered specs to its boxy design to its low price, there’s no denying that this phone is meant for the same emerging markets where Nokia’s already found some success with its Asha line of feature phones. So it’s no surprise that the Android-powered handset won’t launch in some of the world’s most competitive and developed smartphone markets, namely Japan, South Korea, Canada and the U.S.

In an interview posted on Nokia’s own Conversations blog, VP for Mobile Phone marketing Jussi Nevanlinna, explains the company’s decision to target emerging markets with its new line of Nokia X handsets. “We have a particular focus on growth markets,” he says, pointing to India, China and Egypt as well as parts of Africa and South America. “They are all places where we’re seeing this big shift from feature phones to affordable smartphones.”

We’re a bit disappointed to learn the Nokia X won’t be launching here in the U.S. though it doesn’t come as a big surprise considering how competitive the mobile market has grown in the past few years. Nokia’s low-end handset would be competing against flagship phones from popular brands like Samsung and Apple as well as the company’s own line of Windows Phone-powered Lumia devices.

If you’re desperate for a Nokia X you’ll probably still be able to find one through a third-party reseller, but we don’t think it’s worth making this phone your daily driver.