Nokia just announced the Nokia X on Monday,  one of the company’s first Android devices. The Nokia X is the lowest of the rung of new devices, however, as it is also joined by the Nokia X+ and the Nokia XL. The device runs AOSP, which means that it’s capable of running most Android applications provided that you sideload them. However, it doesn’t have access to Google Play Services and instead uses a custom Nokia API.

We like the smaller size of the device, but it’s very clearly and emerging market play. It doesn’t feel very powerful – go figure, the Nokia X has just 512MB of RAM and a simple Qualcomm 8225 Snapdragon processor. Also, it doesn’t offer support for 4G networks, instead relying on slower connections in countries that are still getting data networks up and running. The overall experience was solid, though, and it felt a bit like Asha and Windows Phone combined — you can move tiles around on the home screen, and you also have access to Microsoft apps like Skype, OneDrive and more.

The Nokia X is already available in the Asia Pacific, Europe, india, Latin America, the Middle-East and Africa.

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