Nokia's X line of Android handsets weren't quite as exciting as many hoped. Instead of shilling out Google apps and services, Nokia is using Android as a platform to push users into Microsoft's ecosystem (no surprise there). But xda-developers member Kashamalaga has already managed to gain root access to the Nokia X, allowing the device to run some of Google's most beloved services no problem. And, best of all, Nokia seems to be perfectly ok with the "progress being made."

It doesn't appear to be the smoothest experience just yet, but Kashamalaga apparently got things up in running in just five easy steps. Apps like Gmail, Google Now, Google Maps and Hangouts seems to work on the Nokia X developer handset. The intention all along was for Nokia to actually avoid using Google services, but it was always a matter of when, not if, the device could be opened up. The Nokia X was only just announced the other day, so it certainly didn't take long for the gates to be opened.

Perhaps we'll eventually see xda-developers fully replace Nokia's Android vision with something more vanilla straight from Google. Nokia X isn't necessarily a device meant to take over the mobile world, but there's still substantial interest. And the prospect of possibly seeing it run a more vanilla version of Android will surely interest a lot of die-hard mobile fans.