Sea Ray Windows Phone 7 handset from Nokia

If you live down under and you're eagerly awaiting one of Nokia's first Windows Phone handsets, just don't expect to get your mitts on it before 2012. While the Finnish phone maker has been rushing to get its first Windows Phone handset to market, Australia will not be one of the first territories to see the device.

Recent reports have suggested that the U.S. and Europe will finally see the company's first Windows handset in the coming weeks, but according to a report from WP7R.coma blog dedicated to Microsoft's mobile operating system — those of you in Australia will have to wait until the first quarter of 2012 to get it:

Australian fans who are eagerly awaiting the launch of Nokia's first Windows Phone 7 will have to wait until Q1 2012. Nokia has just informed us this morning that they are working out a release for the Nokia Windows 7 Phone in Q1 2011 and that they can't be more specific than that.

WP7R published the rather short statement made by Nokia, which simply reads:

We won't be releasing a Nokia on Windows Phone until Q1 of next year. Can't be more specific than that sorry!

That'll undoubtedly be a disappointment to Australian Nokia fans who have have been looking forward to the company's new generation of handsets, but to some of us this isn't much of a surprise. As The Next Web notes, Nokia has been targeting territories like North America in a big to regain some of the smartphone market it has recently lost to companies like Apple and Samsung.

Are you disappointed that you'll have to wait even longer for Nokia's first Windows Phone handset in Australia, or have you already turned your back on the company's devices?

[via The Next Web]