Nokia 808 PureView white

Nokia’s PureView technology has been featured in the 808 PureView and the Lumia 920, among other devices, but that’s just a sample of what consumers can expect from the company in the future. We’re already impressed by the image quality, especially the shots the 808 PureView is capable of capturing, so we can’t wait. What can we expect?

Well, unfortunately Nokia was vague, but the Juha Alakarhu, the head of imaging technologies at Nokia, said we can expect some amazing new features. “Imaging is extremely subjective, and you can always make something better,” he said. “We’re really driving innovation in key areas to deepen and enrich the imaging experience. I can’t tell you about the specific things we’re working on. Safe to say it’s very cool.”

Nokia has been silent at CES 2013, so we’re betting that we hear more information during Mobile World Congress in February, a year after the 808 PureView was first unveiled.